Redefining the relationship between nonprofits and retailers

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ShopRaise at over 1,200 retailers and 250 gift cards 

Almost everywhere you shop almost everything you buy, whether it’s in store or online ShopRaise turns the everyday shopping experience into multiple donations for a cause.

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January, 2023


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We are technology innovators driving nonprofit fundraising solutions

Shaun Kulesza

With over 1 nonprofit signup per day in 2022, ShopRaise is exploding onto the market!

Nonprofit Industry in Crisis

Peaking in 2008 the total number of donors has dropped by 20%.

Currently 88% of all donations are coming from only 12% of donors, and the vast majority of these donors are aging out of their ability to give.

Younger donors are the most enthusiastic about supporting their cause, but they don’t have the funds to do so.

Today’s Fundraising Opportunities boil down to dressed up ways to ask for direct donations

Founder / CEO

Rebecca Fowler

Justin Kulesza

Korri Piper

SVP Business Dev

Co-founder / CFO

VP Merchant Relations

Founding team with over 35 years of nonprofit fundraising and technology development experience, 7 years working together, multiple startups and a ton of passion working with charitable causes.

Capturing a $50B Industry

Retailer partnerships are the biggest opportunity in the nonprofit industry.

In the US there are 1.4M Nonprofits, 214M Shoppers, 124M households that make monthly online retail purchases and 48% support nonprofits.

Using affiliate marketing and gift cards, every online transaction has an opportunity to raise money for a cause – and it’s a $50B market.

ShopRaise is poised to dominate this space!

$1,275 Monthly purchases (Groceries, Restaurants, Entertainment, Clothing, Home Improvement, Online / General)

5.5% Average Commission (4% Affiliate, 7% Gift Cards)

59.52M households who support a cause

 12 Months 

TAM $50.08 Billion (commissions) 

Shopping with purpose with the click of a button

Nonprofits simply customize their account and promote the program to their supporters, turning everyday shopping into a new revenue stream for their cause.

Supporters shop at over 1,200 participating stores and buy gift cards using the ShopRaise app. Each transaction has potential to raise funds for their cause.

Whether it’s in store or online ShopRaise turns the everyday shopping experience into multiple donations for a cause.

Dynamically combine the act of giving with the act of shopping

We leverage the strong emotional connection between the supporter and their cause to monetize the everyday shopping experience.

Including a mobile app, browser plugin and online mall, the ShopRaise Platform dynamically combines the act of giving with the act of shopping